Momentum Workshop Proposal Form
Momentum is a new initiative of Memorial Leadership Programs. We're working to support Memorial's leadership-learning community through enabling our undergraduate and graduate students to share lessons on leadership theory and practice from their perspectives and experiences. You need not be an expert on your topic, nor an expert at running workshops/presentations! Memorial Leadership Programs' staff will work with you to shape your workshop for Momentum Sessions.
Proposals will be assessed based on your idea's relevance to leadership, the workshop design you propose, and the inspiration you share for wanting to run a workshop on your idea.

We'd like to accept everyone, but we have limited space! Be thorough!
Before you begin... do you need some help with your design? We've written a guide to designing workshops: MASS x VELOCITY! Check it out at the link below.

Your full name: *

Phone number: *

Mobile number is preferred!
What is the concept or topic that you want to present on? *

Why do you think this is important/relevant to leadership? What inspired you to want to engage other students on this topic? *

What would you have students do to learn about/engage in your topic? (Remember, each workshop is 20 minutes!) *

This does not have to be fully planned. We want to know what your ideas are, but we will work with you to fully shape the workshop before you present.
Thanks for applying! 

We'll be in touch within a week. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to email us at

Feel free to share with your friends, or return to the Momentum webpage:
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